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Dr. Nathalie Chase Thompson

Nathalie Chase was born September 5, 1961 to the late Leo C. Chase, Sr. & Pauline Chase. She is currently Founder of LifesReDesign Ministry International, Inc. formed November 21, 1991;  launched May 5, 2009, and LifesReDesign Christian College & Life Coaching Certification Institute formed 2011, which became an Online Extension Campus of LOGOS University, as of 2014.  June of 2016 Habakkuk 2 School of Ministry Satellite Campus of Isaiah University - Jacksonville launched. Which is now Habakkuk 2 SOM, GLOBAL  Affiliate of Isaiah University of The Holy Ghost.  Her 1st book is due for publishing 2017, adding author to her repertoire. Finally, answering her call to ministry in November 1989 under APCOGIC known as, at that time. She began working with outreach ministries throughout the city and was licensed November 1991 under the leadership of Bishop A.T. Jones, Sr. of All People Church International of Jacksonville, Fl., where she has served for 26yrs as of 2014. Now her ministry is under the covering of Bishop Jones, Sr. & Father's Covenant International Fellowship. 

Nathalie graduated from Jones Business College of Jacksonville with a Bachelor Degree in Marketing Management, completed her Master’s Degree in Christian Counseling along with a Doctorate of Divinity from St. Thomas Christian University in August 2013.  She was Affirmed in the Office of Prophetess 2015 and has been elevated to Apostle 2017.  Dr. Thompson has been traveling to 10 Prisons a year for since 2014 along with Harvest Crusade Missions & Mars Hill Prison Mission Band, also is conducting services at “CRM“ City Rescue Mission, McDuff Ave loction 3rd Thursday evening of each month. With the ministry and life coaching, she travels nationwide speaking, encouraging and empowering people of all nationalities, economic levels and age groups. With the school of hard knocks knocking and having knocked at her door, physically, sexually, mentally, financially and spiritually her purpose and mission is to give back what God has by HIS grace given to her a LifesReDesign.

Dr. Thompson through Jacksonville, Fl Ex-offender re-entry program, Operation Faith Transportation Re-Development Program is striving to provide vehicles (tools) for former males/females of the judicial system. This includes: Veterans(male & female), young and old  “Operation Faith Transportation Re-Development Program” provides a blueprint back into society, from wellness to wealth, for both young and old alike through.  “Helping Hands Supporting Relief Program” is designed to provide Transitional Housing for teens and young adults aging out of Foster Care, single mothers & fathers housing, Disaster Relief to those both in the US and International, through food, water, clothing, vehicles and reconstruction assistance in the event of homes being damaged or lost in addition to the loss of life. Each program has educational, job/business development program along with counseling services designed to aid in developing the residents and clients from the inside out. A Volunteer Counselor from 1983 to 1990 with Urban League of Jacksonville; in 1991 began volunteer counseling to community youths dealing with drug, sex and alcohol abuse. Youth and adults handling abuse (mental, physical or verbal), pregnancies, She also was a part of The North Florida Prison Ministry Inc for several years. While with APIC she was in charge of Prison Ministry correspondence for several prisons in Fl. While doing so God led her to Salvation Army to develop a weekly bible study, which she conducted from 2000 to 2003. From 1990 to 2004 she went out assisting with the establishing of several missions and ministries in several states. In 2005 began Life Coaching & Motivational Speaking in groups, one-on-one sessions & Bible Study Salvation Army, Internet and Speaking Engagements. LifesReDesign group of Certified Life Coaches extend themselves to those that are dealing with addictions, physical & sexual abuse, homeless, emotional distress etc… blueprints and accountability measures implemented to aide those in need. Additionally, Nathalie is also the CEO of Dimensions Resource Marketing Group an Internet Advertising & Marketing Company formed in 1995, SimplyfitHealth – Health & Nutrition Distributor Network Division since 2006.

Dr. Thompson has 5 children and 6 grandchildren currently living in Florida. Family is very important so she enjoys having family night, traveling, reading and fellowshipping. She has become “mama’ to both young and old over the years. Opening her doors to those finding themselves in need daily.

Dr. Nathalie Chase Thompson  


LifesReDesign Ministry International, Inc. (904) 758-8177

Habakkuk 2 School of Ministry (904) 903-6315

Operation Faith Transportation and Re-Development Program (904) 289-1961