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Add Some Extra Motivation to Your Life

With a Visit From Our Educational Instructors, Certified Motivational Speakers and Lifes Coaches

Also offering Dual Enrollments for Diploma-to-Accredited Degree Programs through Habakkuk 2 School of Ministry | Global Affiliate of Isaiah University of the Holy Ghost

Biblical Studies, Christian Counseling, Christian Education, Business Development/Leadership, Theology and much more available!!!



As a Business, Ministry and Educational Facility, self-improvement and mutual respect is required. We are committed to our students, clients and partners and have a passion for encouraging inward growth from within a person. We take on big challenges, and pride oursleves on seeing them through. We hold ourselves accountable to our students, clients, partners by honoring our commitments, providing results and striving for the highest quality.


We all lead at some point in our life. We serve as leaders in our jobs, in our communities and our families. For many, being a leader means having the power to control others, Those who take this view eventually find that the more they try to control people, the less influence they have over them, For others, leadreship means being in a position of authority. Yet, a man can be a leader even if he's on the bottom of the totme pole.




Eliminate negative influences from your life and work toward a brighter future with our education program, motivational speaking and life coaching resources from Habakkuk 2 School of Ministry & LifesReDesign Life Coaching, Inc. Your success is our primary goal. Contact us today to learn how we can help you overcome the obstacles in your life and achieve success and prosperity.


Add some inspiration to your life with the guidance and support

from our Certified Life Coaches based in Jacksonville, Florida. With Speakers throughout US with services available in other countries.


Many of our life coaches, instructors and wealth management specialists have firsthand experience in the same issues that may be affecting you today. They have overcome homelessness, financial loss, major life illnesses, physical abuse, sexual abuse, and addictions to alcohol and gambling. They have all overcome these demons, and now they wish to share their success strategies with those who may be experiencing similar turmoil. We know what you are going through and will do whatever we can to help you.


Within several of our speaking engagements, we realized even though we taught on obtaining wellness to wealth; most would walk away and never do what it takes to achieve it. So we questioned, God what else is needed? FOR TODAY'S ECONOMICAL SYSTEM WAITS FOR NO ONE!!!!

Our team came back and put together a system that could give people a method they apply immediately. Having faith and not activating it is worthless.This way it didn’t take years of headaches like it did for me. Although we are successful, it was time for "us" to allow God to do a LifesReDesign on us as well.